a passionate blend of love and science

"Sonnet," in tribute of art, love, and romance, and "79," to represent the atomic number of gold.

Dr. Alexis May Kimble, Founder and Urogynecologist

As a leading female urogynecologist in Beverly Hills, I have the privilege of meeting women every day who choose noninvasive treatments or surgeries to improve the function and maintain the aesthetics of their intimate selves. In addition to these innovations, I believe that daily care to intimate skin supports the treatments, the surgeries that many women choose to feel beautiful, feel renewed, transformed. Daily intimate skincare is at the cornerstone of feminine beauty and vitality. I am honored to introduce and share my luxurious and inclusive skin care line with you.

Throughout my career, my patients repeatedly inquire as to which products are safe on their intimate skin, however, the femcare products available often contain harsh and harmful ingredients. Like many of my female patients, I too, as a woman, mother of four, scientist and surgeon, struggled with finding products to meet the stressful effects on my vulvar skin in the face of the changing demands and stages of my life. I felt frustrated finding products to support my vulvar skin after the delivery of my children, with the daily stresses related to demands of my job, exercise, messy menstruation or even long travels. Sonnet 79™ was borne out of a response to this need. I have put the same dedication, love and passion that I do into caring for my patients and their surgeries as I have in creating this intimate skin care line.

Sonnet 79™ is an extension of who I am --my philosophy on beauty, love of oneself, love of one’s partner and care for others. I’ve combined my vast and specialized medical knowledge to bring you scientifically proven formulations rooted in luxury for all identifying as females. Sonnet 79™ supports vulvar skin of all ages and in all conditions it endures. These products are gentle and safe for use in all ages, even babies and children. With regular use of Sonnet 79 skincare line, the look, feel, and function of the vulva will improve dramatically. It is my philosophy that the sensorial and luxurious experience of the unique application of Sonnet 79™ products supports the internal process of self-transformation. Feeling beautiful is equally as important as looking beautiful.

I encourage use of our separate artist’s brush in Sonnet 79™ product application to support this philosophy where you are living poetry as the product is painted on the skin in a gentle manner. Sonnet 79™ is my poem to all women or those who identify as women to help pamper, nourish and love their intimate skin. This is my homage to you.

Having dedicated the majority of our professional careers to intimate beauty, wellness, and empowerment, we have seen firsthand the transformation that occurs when a person experiences intimate confidence and health. We also firmly believe in the power of self-care and us-care. This intimate skincare line was created to deliver all that you can imagine.

Not only are we each double boarded urogynecologists, we are also husband and wife. Sonnet 79™ was created out of love for our profession, love for women translated through medicine, love for each other, and love for love.

Our goal is to support you in connecting and reconnecting with your intimate self through our romantically inspired and scientifically formulated line of luxurious intimate skincare products. No matter what stage of life you are journeying through, Sonnet 79™ was made to pamper, nourish, protect, and celebrate your vulvar skin.

May Sonnet 79™ inspire you to invoke love, bestow love, and of course, self love.

24K Gold Standards

All Sonnet 79™ products are free of BPA Hormones, Beeswax, Artificial Dyes and Colors, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Silicones and Silicates, Phthalates, Latex, Parabens, Gluten/Wheat, Sulfates/Sulfites, Pesticides, Phenols, Talc, GMOs, VOCs, Formaldehyde & donors, MIT/MCI, Siloxanes Plastics & Plasticizers, Paraffins, BHT/BHA, EDTA, Petrolatum, and Microbeads.

Intimate Care as Good as Gold

In response to years of limited recommendations in the feminine care space and her stalwart refusal to recommend patients products made with harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and untested ingredients, Dr. Alexis May Kimble has translated her medical and scientific knowledge of the vulva to create the first luxury intimate skin care line to be worthy of your masterpiece. Each product in the line was formulated using the highest quality and hand-selected ingredients. Each product contains oils that are processed by the purest methods for botanical extraction. Each product has been tested by Dr. Kimble and her team of leading scientists for their proven efficacy to to pamper, nourish the vulvar skin in a sensorial luxurious experience.

All Sonnet 79™ products are clean, 97% plant-derived, pH balanced for feminine intimate skin and safe on all skin types. Discover Sonnet 79™, the first luxury intimate skin care brand offering effective and innovative skin solutions for the wide range of needs and concerns throughout the modern day female's phases of life.

Self-Care Meets Us-Care

True intimacy starts with yourself. However, unlike most intimate care lines, Sonnet 79™ was made to inspire intimacy both in yourself and with another.

Take it from Dr. Kimble (both professionally and personally): there is nothing quite as luxurious and empowering as brushing your vulva with gold. Together, as medical professionals and a married couple, Drs. Kimble have hand-selected and personally tested these products to ensure you feel radically pampered, passionately confident, and intimately adored.

"You are poetry." ~ Drs. Kimble.

You are an exquisite work of art. And Sonnet 79™ is an epic love poem, written by us, for you.

A Love Story...

Romantic in its inspiration. Results-focused in its formulas. A luxurious sensorial intimate experience.


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