Sonnet 79™ introduces a new caliber of intimate self-care. Sonnet 79™ is the first luxurious intimate skin care line developed by board certified urogynecologists. Each ingredient from pure 24k gold, to French thermal waters, to plant-derived and floral essences has been hand-selected and tested by Drs. Kimble and their team of leading scientists for their proven efficacy, high performance for the ultimate sensorial experience to pamper and nourish your vulva.

Intimate Self-Care Essentials

Love, honor, and nourish your vulva to the highest degree.

You are an exquisite work of art. And Sonnet 79™ is an epic love poem, written by us, for you.

“Be your own muse.”
~ Drs. Alexis May & David Kimble

As a leading female urogynecologist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Alexis May Kimble is a widely sought-after expert in sexual and intimate wellness. Together with her husband Dr. David Kimble, a recognized surgical pioneer of urogynecology, she has helped transform the lives of thousands of people with vaginas.

With Sonnet 79™, Dr. Alexis May Kimble sought to extend her dedication to vulvar and vaginal aesthetics and wellness beyond her professional journey.   Sonnet 79™ was lovingly created as an extension of the care she delivers daily as a leading urogynecologist to support all individuals with vulvas in all stages of life.

Our Story

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