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24K Gold Oil for Intimate Skin

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Behold; the touch of gold.

Be your own muse. Embark on a journey of lavish self-care with the exclusive line by renowned LA urogynecologists, Drs. Alexis May and David Kimble. Introducing the 24K Gold Oil for Intimate Skin, a decadent addition to your self-love ritual. Immerse your intimate skin in the opulence of 24K gold and a curated blend of botanical extracts. Experience the gentle caress of this exquisite oil, providing nourishment and radiance. Let the allure of gold transform your skincare routine into a moment of empowerment and indulgence. Embrace the unforgettable softness that lingers, creating a lifetime memory of self-love and luxury.

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  • Dramatically softens intimate skin, on contact.
  • Supports healing of ingrown hairs, bumps, and wounds
  • Ignites instant natural glow with skin cell renewal
  • Soothes irritation caused by shaving, waxing, and friction
  • Provides nourishment and hydration to dry skin impacted by menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other hormonal changes
  • Bolsters intimate confidence



Our 24K Gold Oil is made to be enjoyed both on your own and with a partner. For an elevated sensory experience, we recommend using with the Sonnet 79™ Palette and Artist's Brush

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jennifer Robinson
A Must for Vaginal Dryness

Love, love, love. This oil is high quality. It is rich, thick unlike other oils. It dries fast. It has helped my vaginal dryness and itching only after one week of using it. I love the naturally floral scents. I can smell the vanilla and rose. Dr. Kimble does it again with this beautiful product for women!

Matt Le Blanc
Gold is perfect

My girlfriend and I love the aroma. She especially loves how it feels and I can tell you it makes her privates super soft and kissable. This will be our new nightly ritual. Fans for life!!

Cassandra Cassidy
Pampered Princess

This product from Sonnet79 by Dr. Kimble showcases her true understanding of women's health. This product is long over due. Say goodbye to lubes and goodbye to just being ok. The 24K Gold Oil is just exquisite. I feel like the pampered princess I am in my daily life when I use it. Dr. Kimble has a special way to apply the nourishing oil with your partner or even on my own that I love. Her philosophy on beauty and luxury comes through and you can feel it when you use this oil. I didn't realize how dry and dead I felt until I applied her nourishing oil that is very much like an elixir for my vulva. I feel so healed from within and you will too. It's definitely worth it.

Amani Abadi
The New Holy Grail in Intimate Skincare

I love beauty products and have used everything from Dior to La Prairie for my skin care routines. Sonnet79 by Drs. Kimble is the next best beauty brand.
Definitely worth it! It's made for me, a woman who loves luxury and the finest things. The oil is rich and thick and smells divine on your skin. My husband goes wild when its on. It soothes any irritation and keeps my V smooth and glistening. I am 47 and it makes me feel incredibly womanly when its on. I apply it before and after sex, after using the bathroom. Just love it! This is my favorite product. Every woman should own it. I have already purchased this to my closest female friends and sister for Hanukkah. Thank you Dr. Kimble for this holy grail in intimate care!

Liquid Gold!

The 24K Gold Oil is the best product I have ever used on my feminine skin! There is nothing like this in the market at all. I have seen great improvement in the smoothness in my intimate skin after just one week of using it. Feel so confident wearing my thong and bikinis! I am excited to buy the whole range because of how amazing the oil feels on my skin-pure luxury and works miracles! Thank you Drs.Kimble for creating such an amazing and superior product.

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