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Intensly soft. Instant freshness.

Be your own muse. Our urogynecologist-formulated revitalizing mist gently clarifies, freshens, and softens intimate skin in seconds. Powerful 24K, detoxifying French volcanic waters, plant and botanical essences combine to instantly freshen, soften, neutralize, and honor intimate skin in all its seasons. Away with irritation and inflammation. And come, irresistible softness, instant freshness, and a delicate natural scent. Made to be enjoyed after toileting, during menses, for post partum perineal care, post workouts, pre-nights out, before and after intimacy, on-the-go and after-the-go, and to ultimately to your spontaneous delight.

How this helps?

  • Powered by clean air
  • Easy actuation for easy continuous spray
  • 360 degree spray
  • Instantly freshens and revitalizes vulvar skin with skin cell renewal
  • Perfect vulvar perk-up when on-the-go
  • Quick cleansing and softening of vulvar skin
  • Manages and neutralizes unwanted odors due to urinary leakage or fecal incontinence.
  • Helps protect against and calm irritation caused by waxing, shaving, and friction
  • Offers nourishment and soothing to intimate skin impacted by menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, and other hormonal changes
  • Bolsters intimate confidence

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Suzette Dalisay
Exceptional product

24K Gold Revitalizing mist delivered exactly what it promised, immediate effect, feels fresh and confident!

Evalinda Howe
After having surgery this product really feels nice

After having surgery this product really feels nice. I’m so glad I purchased it.

Iyron N.
The Revitalizing Mist is well worth it!

I couldn't recommend this product enough! I've had the honor of watching Dr. Alexis Kimble perfect and launch this product/line for her patients. The time and dedication put into the formulation process are shown in the results that patients have seen. I've personally interviewed many women who have used this mist and have talked with them in detail about how much it has changed their life, restoring the confidence that was always within. I assure you this product and the entire line are well worth it. It is the only natural intimate skin care of this quality on the market. You only have one body, and Dr. Alexis formulated the perfect product for you to be able to take care of a part of your body that can be easily neglected. If you are looking to take control of your intimate health today, I can guarantee that the Revitalizing Mist is a great first step!

Sandy Fowler
Love it!!!

Like many of you, my life is Soccer Mom, taxi cab driver for the kids, school volunteer, and I work full-time. I bought the mist and it changed my life. I use it throughout the day, and I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized. My husband also loves the scent, just an added bonus!!

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