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24K Gold Cleansing Mask for Intimate Skin

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Next caliber vulvar care

You are poetry. From world-renowned LA urogynecologists Drs. Alexis May and David Kimble, the 24K Gold Cleansing Mask for Intimate Skin introduces the first ever gold-infused melting body mask treatment made specifically for vulvar skin. An empowering blend of 24K, detoxifying French volcanic waters, nourishing plant and botanical essences melt into intimate skin.  This 2-in-1 product provides gentle cleansing without disrupting the delicate pH balance, neutralizes unwanted odors, and leaves intimate skin with undeniable hydration that will last for up to three days with each use.  

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Benefits of Sonnet 79 24 Karat Cleansing Mask

  • 24 karat gold melting mask treatment lasts for days
  • Clarifies, conditions, and soothes delicate vulvar skin
  • Skin looks and feels immediately rejuvenated with skin cell renewal
  • Airless packaging prevents air from contaminating the formulations.
  • No inflow of external air prevents the ingredients from oxidizing into the air. This ensures more potent formulations are delivered to your skin, longer formula stability, improved efficacy, and cleaner ingredients important for sensitive skin.
    • Ideal for post-waxing care.
    • Ideal for after shaving.
    • Ideal for post-laser care.
    • Ideal for mom and baby:
    • Postpartum perineal care especially if there was an obstetrical repair from delivery
    • Heals and prevents diaper rashes...
    • Soothes vulvar irritation, dryness, itching
    • Controls undesired odor from chronic infections or urinary leakage or stool seepage
    • Protects intimate skin from chafing from chronic pad use due during menstruation, urinary leakage or stool seepage
    • Nourishes and restores intimate skin impacted by menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other hormonal changes.
    • Bolsters intimate confidence

How to Use

Save room in your Self-care for V-care

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sheila R, Registered Nurse
Clean and Fresh at 55 years

This is a gentle very lightweight cleanser for my most delicate areas. I use it in the shower, actually all over my body as well because it cleans and keeps me fresh but also doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. The cost of this cleanser is more but it lasts awhile and it is such a treat to start my mornings this way. So worth it.

Lasting hydration

This cleansing mask is a godsend for my lady parts! It keeps my skin moisturized for days after use. When you first put it on, I love that it feels warm and tingling in an area that I haven' had much feeling in a long time.

Zoe Mitchell

I suffer from itching and pain in the V area. It has been years that I have suffered and tried hundreds of creams, lotions, and nothing has worked...then I tried Dr. Kimble's mask and now I am cured. She is my doctor and recommended this mask which she told me was made for my condition. I love her. She made me feel normal again. All women should use this product and I only use it 2 times a week. Amazing!!!

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